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What is Well-Being?

Joy and health - physical, emotional and spiritual - make up the heart of well-being. While the world often focuses on the physical, we believe that spiritual and emotional health link directly to the physical. If you’re spiritually connected and emotionally balanced, your physical body responds positively. If you’re suffering emotionally or find yourself spiritually disconnected, physical issues often result. All three aspects of being human intertwine, directly affecting one another, resulting in your overall well-being. We want to help you discover and maintain the healthiest, most joy-filled you!


About Our Natural Products

With the plethora of household and personal items on the market that families use daily, the majority of them contain chemicals. We apply and absorb these chemicals through our senses while cleaning ourselves and our pets, washing dishes and clothes, and even as we apply bug repellent. In response to preventing the harmful side effects of common household chemicals, we developed products including the purest and most natural ingredients. We hand make all of our products to ensure the highest quality. Seasons natural products include:

  • 100% highest quality essential oils, derived from trees, plants and flowers.

  • Gentle plant-based cleansers for sanitizing.

  • Other vitamin-filled ingredients.


Health & Wellness

When we think of health and wellness, most of us focus on eating and exercising. While both areas play significant roles in human life, they’re not the only two areas needing attention. Our minds and spirits also need to be fed. Even our environment and the people we live life with impact our wellness. What we put into our bodies, minds, and spirits either fertilizes growth or hinders it. We provide support and information to help you live a healthier, more joy-filled life with :

  • Healthier eating habits including recipes and eating plans

  • Exercise and physical well-being topics

  • Emotional health related to personal growth and relationships

  • Contemplation and prayer

  • Book reviews and recommendations

  • Coaching and direction for greater well-being in your life.

For our local Charleston clients, be sure to check out our Seasons Personal Chef for special events, weekly cooking in your home and drop-off meals.


About the Sanctuary

Come rest, reset and feel loved. The Seasons Sanctuary provides a place to gather, be restored and even do works of goodness for others.

·      A safe place to come and rejuvenate

·      Mission teams welcome

·      Retreats for groups, couples and teams